Arduino Zero to Hero

Arduino Zero to Hero
January 31, 2017
Kids Program
January 31, 2017


February 26, 2017 12:00 am

Fab Lab Egypt

Villa 35 - 100 st. - behind Almaadi Hotel - Almaadi, Cairo, Egypt

0120 371 9036

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Fab Lab Egypt

This is a new version of Arduino from Zero to Hero workshop where we have two main modules, in the first module you will learn the essence of embedded systems, what is a micro-controller and who to deal with it, the basics you should have in order to get advance in that field, in the second module you will advance your understanding to another level that deals with complexity for advanced projects and also more high level concepts that gives you a swiss army knife to tackle your projects.

Be ready for the FUN.

Day 1 4 hours What is an embedded system?
Embedded Systems applications
Combinational Logic
Micro processors
Programming Languages
Basic Circuits analysis
Analog to digital converter
First look at PWM
Arduino board
Day 2 4 hours Arduino IDE
Software structure
Data types
Digital Inpout/output
Analog Input/output
Map function
Potentiometers and analog devices
Controlling the speed of a motor
Day 3 4 hours Review
Generating sound
math functions
Serial communication protocols
UART and debugging
Two wire interface
Connecting two arduinos
Day 4 4 hours General Review
Project 1 (Automatic light pole)
Day 5 4 hours H-bridge
Controlling Motor direction usign H bridge
Servo motors control
LCD Display
Symbols and graphs
Analog joystick
Project 2 (Solar Tracker)
Day 6 4 hours Analog joystick
Keypad interface
Shift register
Stepper motors
Software construction
Programming style
Flow chart and Pseudocode
Successive refinement
Modular approach
Day 7 4 hours
Wireless Communication
 Bluetooth Module
 Deisgn and development process
Internet of things (First look)
AVR, PIC and ARM Microcontrollers
FSM controllers and abstractions
Day 8 4 hours General Review
Final project
RC car
Wall avoiding car

Days: 26,27,28/2,6,7,13,14,15/3

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