” Home to a Makerbot 3D printer, which was – at the moment – creating a finger ring that presumably grants the wearer some kind of superpower. Next to that was a subtractive fabrication machine that the Fab Labers use to create their own circuit boards – a vinyl cutter that allows them to create everything from stickers for laptops to designs for t-shirts with a rocket-propelled unicorn on them. Among the other toys is a big orange box that had a few folks busily working, opening and closing a small door. When the door was open for a minute, you could see a bright light emanating forth. While my guide explained to me the finer design points of the laser cutter, I kind of tuned him out, overexcited by the prospect of playing with lasers. They wouldn’t let me, though. “

SKOT THAYER – Cairo Scene 

3D Printers

Prusa I3 MK3 – Prusa I3 MK2 – MakerBot Replicator 2

3D printing for rapid prototyping and making almost any 3D object.

    • 6 EGP/gm for low quality
    • 7 EGP/gm for medium quality
    • 8 EGP/gm for high quality
    • 10 LE/gm for extra fine quality
    • REQUIRED FILES: STL extension
    • MAXIMUM BUILD AREA:  Mahchines build areas are 28X15X15 cm / 20 x 25 x 21 cm but we can adapt any large format sizes through split and assemble techniques.
  • Related Services (Request from here) :
      • Post Processing and finishing is Available for extra fees
      • Designing service is available for extra fees
  • PRICE ESTIMATION: Follow the steps in this tutorial or send us and we will calculate for you.
3D printing-makerbot
3D printing-prusa1

Laser Cutter

Morn MT3050D

Laser cutting and engraving to make 2D or even 3D models. 

  • PRICE : 2LE/minute 
  • Maximum Thickness : 3 mm
  • AVILABLE MATERIALS : 30X50 CM plywood sheets
  • Material price: 1st grade 15 LE/ sheet – 2nd grade13 LE/sheet
    Wood, Aclyric, Cardboard, Balsa wood, Foam, Leather
  • Related Services (Request from here)  :
    • Post Processing and finishing is Available for extra fees
    • Designing service is available for extra fees

PCB milling

Roland MDX-20

Fast and accurate Printed circuit boards manufacturing using milling machine

  • PRICE : 1.25 LE/CM^2
    1- 1 600 DPI PNG file for traces & pads (traces in white and background in black)
    2- 1 600 DPI PNG file for holes and outline ( holes & outline in black and background in whilte)
    • Maximum area 10X15 CM
    • Minimum space between traces 0.4 mm 
    • Minimum trace width 0.4 mm
    • Single or double layers only
    • Green mask is not available
  • Related Services (Request from here) :
    • Preparing required files: Send us your source file or Gcode file . Cost is 30 LE/ single layer PCB or 50LE/ double layer PCB
    • PCB designing service is available for extra fees.
    • PCB soldering service is available for extra fees.

Vinyl cutting

Roland CAMM-1 Servo

The vinyl cutter is used to make shapes from solid color vinyl pieces then the vinyl can be stuck on variety of surfaces like Laptops, Doors, T-shirts…. etc. (Request from here)

  • PRICE: 50 LE/M^2
  • Required files: AI Japanese version
  • Roll width: 60 CM
  • Other Materials that could be cut on the machine: Copper Foil, Aluminum Foil.

Soldering & Electronics bench

Tool Description Quantity
Pencil soldering iron 6
Basic temperature controlled soldering station with replaceable/interchangeable tips. 2
Soldering stand 3
Digital multimeter 3
Power Supply Bench-top, adjustable 0-30V, 0-3A. 1
Wire stripper 2
Needle-nose pliers 2
Flush diagonal cutters 2
Solder vacuum aka “solder sucker” 5
Solder wick
Digital Storage Oscilloscope  Instek GDS-820:
  • 150 MHz Bandwidths
  • Monochrome LCD Display
  • 100 MS/s Sampling Rate
  • 25 GSa/s for Repetitive Waveforms
  • Advance Trigger: Pulse Width, TV-Line, Event Delay & Time Delay
  • GO-No Go, Learn Mode & Auto Setup Sequence
  • FFT Function
  • Standard Interface: USB, RS232, Printer Port

General Tools

Tool Description Quantity
Cordless Drill 1
Impact Drill Variable speed 1
Rotary tool “Dremel” Corded (not cordless), Variable speed 2
Drill bit set Multipurpose bits with various sizes 1set
Hammers 2
Mallet 1
Screwdriver Assortment 6 screwdrivers in various sizes, both straight and Phillips head 1set
Small Screwdriver Assortment 31-in-1 Small screwdrivers with both straight and Phillips heads. 1set
Combination Wrench Set (Metric) 12 Pieces with sizes: cm 1set
Socket set 1set
Hex wrench set (Metric) 2 Folding set, sizes from 1.5mm to 10 mm 2 sets
Slip joint pliers 2
Needle nose pliers 2
Square nose pliers 1
Acrylic Cutter 1
Utility knife Retractable blade 2
Pull saw 1
Hack saw Open Frame 2
Utility Scissors 2
Putty knife 3″ wide, flexible steel 1
Measuring Tape 5m (16 FT) 2
Vernier caliper Digital 6” (150mm) 2
Carpenter’s square 1
C clamp 2  pieces 3 inch and one 4 inch 3
Hot glue gun 2
Heat gun 1
Spirit Level 2
Rasp Assortment half-round and flat 5
Blower 1
Laminator 30 cm width 1

Woodworking tools

Tool Description Quantity
Circular Saw 1
Jig Saw Variable speed with orbital action 1
Router 1
Forstner bit set 1
Countersink bit set 1
Random orbit sander With dust collector/vacuum attachment 1
Wood chisel set 2
Block plane 1
Planner 1
Bar clamp 1
Woodworker’s vise Bench mounted 1

Metal working tools

Tool Description Quantity
Bench grinder 1
Angle grinder 1
Electric Welder 1
Rasp Half- round and flat 5

Safety tools

Safety glasses With adjustable length temples 15
First aid kit Appropriate for workshops 1 set
work gloves Cloth with rubberized/nitrile palm coating. 4 Pairs
Disposable gloves Latex
Disposable respirators AKA “dust mask”
Working Coats Blue working coats with different sizes 7
3M respirators For dust and painting with changeable filters 3
Safety tools

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