Embedded Diploma
November 22, 2016
Electronics Diploma
November 28, 2016


December 17, 2016 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Fab Lab Egypt

Villa 35 - 100 st. - behind Almaadi Hotel - Almaadi, Cairo, Egypt

0120 371 9036

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Fab Lab Egypt

Design & Build:

In this workshop you’ll take your first step of making by learning how to design for your ideas, as

everything became computer­ controlled, computer designing became a crucial skill that everyone needs.

Starting from drafting on papers, passing by CAD softwares, playing around with the laser cutter, and

ending up by modeling some ideas. After this workshop, you ­your kid­ will have a clear understanding of

designing­manufacturing process.

DAY 1 =====

What’s CAD?

How important is CAD?

Step 1: Free hand­sketch

Using paper scanner. ­ Editing images. ­ What’s Vinyl Cutting?

How to use the machine?

Activity 1: Sticker making using vinyl cutter.

DAY 2 =====

CAD Softwares. ­ Using Inkscape. ­ Shape Drawing

Exporting files. ­ What’s the Laser Cutter. ­ How to use the machine


Machine setup. ­ Power & speed

Cutting vs Scanning

Using CorelDRAW. ­ File Setup

Activity: Key chains using laser cutter

DAY 3 =====

What’s 3D printing ?

Subtractive vs Additive Manufacturing

How does 3D printing work

Using 123D Design

More into 123D Design

Design and Sculpting ­ About the MakerBot ­ Activity: Printing your designs. ­ Wrapping­Up

What’s Next?

Blink 101:

In the last 10 years, everything became smart, smart phones and gadgets, smart home devices, smart

watch, even smart fabrics. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to turn things into smart stuff. Using the

Makey Makeys to understand how embedded “smart’ world work, then using the little blue arduino

boards you’ll start build your smart application. By the end of the this workshop, you’ll be able to “smart-
ize” everything around you.

DAY 1 =====

What’s Electronics?

Basic concepts

Basic Components

Open & closed circuit. ­ Voltage vs current ­ Resistance

Current flow







How to Design a circuit. ­ Function Diagram

Connecting Components

Wiring troubleshooting

Activity: Blinking circuits

DAY 2 =====

What’s Arduino?

How smart can arduino be?

Setup arduino drivers

Digital vs analog

Programming Environment. ­ Basic operations

Digital outputs

Analog output ­ Inputs

Activity: Mini­Projects

DAY 3 =====

Arduino Programming



If statement ­ Controlling motors

Module Interfacing



Activity: Cool Machines


What’s Next ?

Coding Juniors: 

Humans are unique they have a great ability to learn and develop; on contrary, computers aren’t. In order

to “teach” your computer anything you’ll need to do it the hard way; programming is the way human

invented to be able to harness the power of the computers. Programming can be very hard and tricky, but

thanks to the simple user­friendly interface of Scratch, we will learn the basic concepts of programming,

and how to turn your application into smart stuff.

DAY 1 =====

What’s Computation ?

How computers work?

Binary systems. ­ What is a program/code ?

Introduction to Scratch. ­ Graphical Interface

Block methodology

Adding / removing blocks

Run / stop programs

Motion Blocks

Colors ­ Sounds

DAY 2 =====

Variable Declaration ­ Data Types

Sprite Options

Looping Mechanisms

Media Objects





DAY 3 =====

Game Design

Flow charts and game scenarios





Activity: Game development

Final Project:

If you made it this far, then your are ready to test your abilities and put them into test. In this session, we

will work in groups to build some projects ­ applications­ to test your skills and to show the world how

simple skills can be integrated together into one simple and creative application. After this workshop,

you’ll have the “maker” bragging right.

DAY 1 =====


Discussion: Project Ideas

Group forming

Building basic prototype

Hands­on Activity

DAY 2 =====

Developing digitally fabricated model ­ Hands­on activity

DAY 3 =====

Finalizing Project ­ Summary

What’s Next


Days Of The Program: 17/12,24/12,20/1,21/1,27/1,28/1,3/2,4/2

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